BigJerk bbq & SmokeHouse

$2.00 ea. Jamaican Patties

Beef Spicy & Mild, Chicken Mild,

$3.00 ea. Vegan Jamaican Patties

$12.00 Jerk Chicken

$15.00 Jerk Pork

​$15.00 Jerk Ribs

$12.00 Curry Chicken

$15.95 Curry Goat

$15.95 Oxtail

Above Comes with ​Rice and Peas and Coleslaw

$12.00 Roti Wraps

Curry chicken

Curry Beef

Roti Tofu

Roti Curry Chick Pea

​$1.00 Extra Jerk Sauce or any gravy

$0.50 Extra Pepper Sauce


$2.00 Pop, Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale

​$3.00 Caribbean Pop, Kola Champaign, Ginger Beer, PineApple, Ting

$4.00 Coconut Water

$2.00 Apple Juice

$1.00 Bottle Water

Special Request Available

Call or Text 519-590-JERK (5375)

Orders can be placed Monday to Thursday 11am-4pm  Pickup or delivery

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Jamaican Patties in Kitchener Big Jerk Caribbean Catering and Bakery in Kitchener